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a month ago

VTPM052: March Madness – 21 Virginia Roller Coasters Single Elimination Tournament

Theme Park Edition

Episode 52 Notes

In this Theme Park Edition, Tom, Ian, Joe and Jill keep the March Madness celebration going with their 21 Virginia Roller Coasters Single Elimination Tournament. Before they do that though, Tom discusses how the Iron Maiden song, Wicker Man, instantly reminds him of Universal Studios Orlando’s roller coaster, Rip Ride Rockit!

He also introduces the following discussion topic to be explored on a later episode: You are building your dream home park that you will have unlimited access to and will only be available to you and patrons you invite. You can choose up to 5 roller coasters and 5 flat rides (anything that is not a coaster). The stipulations are, first, you can only take one coaster or flat ride from any one park, and, two, you must have ridden this attraction/coaster before.

Jill Rule – If you have not been to 10 parks, then you can evenly choose from parks you have been to.



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